Things got really busy, so sorry for not updating. First it was the first shooting week. I drove a lot for that and really enjoyed it. It went pretty well for the most part. There is always something, especially when you are learning. The first projects turned out really well for first projects. It was really cool to watch. Then we had a couple of weeks in between where there was editing, us staff watching footage and rough cuts, more script advising the students, greenlight (giving the ok to film) meetings for the final films, a 48 hour film project, stunts lessons (so much fun), TAA work, BLS work. Yep, that was just up until the final shooting week 2 weeks ago. On that week I drove as well and we renovated the office. Basically we took out a wall, put in a different wall in a different spot, made desks, painted, etc. All from scratch by ourselves. It was so awesome. I loved taking out the one wall, obviously. Then framing the new wall. I got to do some sanding on the desks and screwing things together. I also filled the holes on the desk and painted the office wall. I helped put in the desks (which are screwed to the wall). There are a lot of pictures, so I’ll put some here and in the next news letter.

After that was the last week of school and then the grad. We have all had a busy week finishing up the grading of papers and films as well as making sure we were ready for the end of school and grad. Grad was fun. We set up the community room and screened all of the student films. The last few days (since Saturday and it is now Tuesday) have been airport runs, goodbyes, paperwork, cleaning, and trying to rest where possible. All in all it has been crazy, but good. TAA work is so close to being done it’s gotten annoying, BLS work is another entity that needs to be done asap. Hopefully I will get a 2 week break right before Christmas. I’m not sure yet if it’s 100% certain yet.

My first school of staffing is now done. On to the internship of the last set of grads, pre-production, film production, post-production, and then the second school to staff. I am loving it.

Prayer requests:

We are still having issues with Jason’s visa, so please keep praying for that.

I need at least $300/month more in support to be able to have a roof and food as well as medication etc. Only the necessities, which is actually a nice way to live (only what you absolutely need). It takes some of the pressure off of trying to compare yourself to the neighbours and compete for who has the best stuff that they don’t need.

Thanks everyone. Love you all. Hilary


Minion inspired scarf – a crochet pattern for you

This could be fun to make.


Recently I was asked to make scarves to match the minion hats I had crocheted before Christmas. I had never made a scarf before but I can never turn down a challenge. I looked for inspiration and in the end they turned out ADORABLE! As in I-want-one-for-myself adorable! Each has their own little personality and they are just too cute for words! I would love to share how I made it with you all 🙂 I have  never written a pattern before, I struggle just FOLLOWING patterns, so bear with me 😉

So here’s what they look like


Materials I used:

5.5mm hook

Yellow, blue, black yarn for the scarf and white, brown and grey for the eyes/mouth. I used Red heart ‘with love’ yellow yarn, it is so soft, it is my favorite. The rest was Bernat brand.

yarn needle


And I can’t forget the ridiculous amount of…

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Week 10

Here we are 10 weeks into the school. Last week we had 2 days of stunts, which was awesome. Kyal taught us how to fall and roll properly and fake punch and kick etc. Good times. Due to my neck I couldn’t do the rolls but fake punching people was fun. I confess, I did do a “This is Sparta!” moment and “kicked” the person I was fake fighting. Good times. Then the day before my birthday, the day we were supposed to start making a film, I slipped on the floor and sprained my ankle as well as bruised my foot something terrible. It still hurts, but it’s better than it was. I had a lot of people praying for it so that is good because I really feel like it would have been worse if they hadn’t.

Then we filmed and I got to be an extra, as a few different bodies in a pool. Different times and it was hard to tell because you couldn’t see my face. It was fun. I got to be in a pool for about 20 minutes on my birthday so yay!. The film turned out ok so it was so worth it. the best part was taking the photos for the props as we took stalker pictures of the actor and the other 2 crew members that were bodies as well. So much fun. I don’t know if/when it will be available to view.

I actually can drive quite confidently in Australia now, and in city traffic. It’s like I’ve always driven on this side of the road. First shooting week went well. Everyone did a good job on their films from what I can see. I was one of the drivers and I was tired as I got the early morning runs, but it was so much fun.

The weekend wasn’t anything major, mostly resting watching Netflix to relax from the previous 3 weeks. Final shooting week is next week and then there is one more week before Grad. It’s gone so fast. I can’t remember if my school felt this fast. Still, it is good. The script I am advising on is a story that needs to be told and it isn’t an easy one. I’m super excited to see how it plays out.

Anyways, I need to get some food so I can eat before the evening session. I will try to post the black and white picture of me floating in the pool next time, it’s just on the other computer. If you could all pray for finances, healing of the ankle, motivation to exercise (mostly because I need to strengthen my neck), Jason’s visa still (it’s a struggle but we are believing it will happen), and for the healing of one of the students dad. Thanks everyone. Love you all.