Dating Decline: Why Nobody Knows What The Hell They’re Doing Anymore

Very interesting, but I don’t have time to read it right now.

James Michael Sama

Here we are, in the 21st century. Gen-X’ers, Millenials, Gen-Whatever’ers are having a hard enough time as it is navigating massive student loan debts, high rents, and a difficult job market. To add the icing on the cake, they are floundering through the dating world slash hookup culture and quickly discovering that nobody knows what the hell they are doing.


That’s probably because there is no structure. There is no methodology. There is no progressive course of events. And many times, there are really no role models out there leading by example for what to even do.

Essentially, everyone is like a ship at sea without a destination. Maybe hoping to bump into another one every once in awhile and ask how to get to port, but everybody’s navigation seems to be broken.

I think a big part of this is the fact that people [particularly younger men and women]…

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The Week of Insanity aka First Shooting Week.

There really isn’t much to write about this week. I have spent a lot of time in the van driving students around Brisbane, being stared at by a Kookaburra for a few minutes, pet a few cats, plus did some other work. Mostly it’s been driving. I love it. I forgot how much driving feels like an adventure, although if you aren’t used to traffic here it can be considered an adventure, ha ha. It has a bit of that freedom feeling that this introvert sometimes needs, even though I just drove to places I had already been, ha ha. One morning I sat in a park by the river in the city while they filmed instead of driving back to base. It was nice to sit outside and watch the rowers in the river.

It’s been really awesome to see over the course of driving how they are pulling together as a team and how far they’ve come from when they began shooting week. Gaining experience, learning from mistakes, and gaining confidence. It’s so good. They are really getting better at communicating to each other and growing closer together.

I finally finished exporting “Broken Together” properly. Woo hoo! Now to give copies to the cast and send it to a film festival. I still have to edit “Kids These Days” so when I get a few minutes I will probably attempt to work on that. Some of my TAA work is completely finished and others are getting there. It’s a hard thing to do around the other stuff, but since I hadn’t hit my head in 3 months (which actually helped my head be able to do TAA even if it was late, I was worried for a while) it’s been easier in the last month to think properly and focus on the TAA and know what I’m doing. Unfortunately I broke my 3 month streak and hit my head yesterday getting into the van, but it isn’t too bad. Since I had that 3 months in between the last bumping of the head it had time to heal better. I’ve accepted that I will always have problems with it, but right now it’s ok. It’s a bit sore,but it’s ok.

Spring has been nice so far. Warm days, not too warm nights yet.The jacaranda trees are blooming. The magpies are not attacking as many heads that I’ve seen recently. Last Saturday night a friend took me to the theatre in the park. It’s an outdoor theatre and you sit on blankets to watch a film on a big screen. It was The Man From U.N.C.L.E. which was actually quite fun to watch.It was a much needed break.

Tomorrow is the last day of filming the first films. Getting back on the regular schedule is going to be interesting.

Ok, I think I need a nap.

Northern Lights Memory Blanket — A free crochet pattern

Good idea to use up extra yarn bits.

Alaska Knit Nat

A few weeks ago I tidied up my yarn collection and realized I have a whole lotta yarn. Too much yarn. I have a loose rule that I can’t buy more yarn until I use the last yarn I purchased. That doesn’t always work out, apparently.

I decided to work on a lap blanket to curl up on the couch with. I knew crochet was the way to go. It not only goes by more quickly than knitting but it also uses up yarn faster, which is just what I wanted. Instead of following a striped pattern, I opted to go with the flow. I started with some tripled up DK weight red wool I had used to knit a teeny tiny baby sweater. As soon as I reached the end of a skein I brought in a different skein.

As I crocheted along I was reminded of each project I…

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It’s Here!

First shooting week has officially begun!! I get to drive, woohoo! I’m pretty excited and trying to not do much today. This last week was greenlight week so the last couple of nights were late nights checking over work to see if they are ok to film.

I did finally get some TAA work turned in. Woo hoo! Now that I haven’t hit my head for 2 months I am having a better time with TAA. I taught sound design and foley the previous week from this one. Time passes so fast I had to go get my meds refilled and I can’t even think of what has happened in that time. So that teaching went really well.

Today I buried (without digging a hole) a bird. It got hit by a car not long before I found it and wasn’t squished but the poor baby was definitely dead. So I grabbed a big leaf and picked it up, took it to some bushes, lay it down so it was hidden, and left the leaf on top of it covering its head. Yeah, I couldn’t leave it in the road.

Small groups with our students has been good. Since Hanna and I got the same vision for it we have been doing them together. We take turns leading and the girls really like having it together. This way we both can have our girls do the same thing at the same time. They really seem to love it. We’ve been talking about strength. I think it’s helped them so far, and that is so good.

If anyone wants to help partner with me here financially, feel free to message me here or on Facebook. I can get you then information needed to help do that as a charitable donation. I need another $350 per month to live on. So if everyone could pray about how that can come about that would be awesome. Love you all.

Toast Crumbs

I want it to be a metaphor for something, but it isn’t. I just spilled toast crumbs on myself and am trying to decide what to do with the later afternoon. I was invited to a beach. I should go, I really want to go. Another part of me says there is work to be done and it needs to be done on time and on target so I should stay and do that. I’m not a workaholic, I’d rather play any day and if work involves or feels like play so much the better. I think that is why I love working in film. Being creative always feels like play, even when it is hard and exhausting work. Being able to use your imagination every day is awesome, as well as the practical part obviously. Someone has to do the practical things to make the fun happen. Such is life.

This month has been so busy, trying to get TAA done, forgetting what day of the week it is, staffing the school, teaching on the school, arranging being the driver to church, driving in a strange land (aka I don’t “know” the area like I do back home). Actually I love driving. I forgot how much I loved driving. The whole knowing but not overly familiar with how to get places is quite fun really. It’s an adventure when I get to drive. We always get where we need to and in one piece.

It’s warming up here. I’m actually in shorts more days than not this last week or so. It’s not even Australian hot yet.

I’m trying to think of things to say, but it’s just so crazy I’ve forgotten a lot of what has happened in the last few weeks. Charis got her visa, yay! There was movie trivia butt kicking happening. Pretty much, yeah I don’t remember. When Todd Ewen died last week (which was devastating, I admit it; he was always a good guy but I am trying to remember the guy I knew not how he died) I googled more about brain trauma and injuries and what CTE is and some of the concussion symptoms/long term issues. Scary stuff. I don’t even know how many concussions I’ve had (I have a thick skull and solid bones, it takes a lot to injure me and for me to notice it) or the general rattling around of my brain that hasn’t given me a concussion. All I know is the last one was the end of carelessness with my head. I act like a big sissy about it now because I do not want to make things worse than they already are. Especially when I do bump my head and have a set back, which fortunately hasn’t happened in nearly 2 months, it’s scary and because people can’t see the insides of your head they don’t notice that you are having more trouble and expect you to be fine, even when you aren’t. I need to research this more. If there is any correlation between head injuries and metal health I want to know all I can because maybe it will answer some of my questions. If it isn’t from head injuries then what can we do to prevent and help those who have the head injuries and CTE. I could go on about this all day really.

So yeah, that has been my thoughts over the last week. I am making progress on TAA, which has been hard not because I can’t do it but because of focusing issues etc. It really hurts the head in more ways than just learning and brain expanding. It will be done and it will be successful.