It’s Here!

First shooting week has officially begun!! I get to drive, woohoo! I’m pretty excited and trying to not do much today. This last week was greenlight week so the last couple of nights were late nights checking over work to see if they are ok to film.

I did finally get some TAA work turned in. Woo hoo! Now that I haven’t hit my head for 2 months I am having a better time with TAA. I taught sound design and foley the previous week from this one. Time passes so fast I had to go get my meds refilled and I can’t even think of what has happened in that time. So that teaching went really well.

Today I buried (without digging a hole) a bird. It got hit by a car not long before I found it and wasn’t squished but the poor baby was definitely dead. So I grabbed a big leaf and picked it up, took it to some bushes, lay it down so it was hidden, and left the leaf on top of it covering its head. Yeah, I couldn’t leave it in the road.

Small groups with our students has been good. Since Hanna and I got the same vision for it we have been doing them together. We take turns leading and the girls really like having it together. This way we both can have our girls do the same thing at the same time. They really seem to love it. We’ve been talking about strength. I think it’s helped them so far, and that is so good.

If anyone wants to help partner with me here financially, feel free to message me here or on Facebook. I can get you then information needed to help do that as a charitable donation. I need another $350 per month to live on. So if everyone could pray about how that can come about that would be awesome. Love you all.

Crochet Tutorial: Granny Square Cardigan


This looks rather interesting. I wonder how it would look.

Originally posted on YARNutopia by Nadia Fuad:

I have been struggling to make cardigans or a sweater for some time. I have tried different patterns but had difficulty following some of them and creating something that would be worth wearing. I gave up, until I found this!

This week I was experimenting with different patterns and I came across this Granny Square Cocoon pattern from Maria Valles. I knew instantly that I had to make it! It was the perfect design and easy to follow. I’ve made a few of my own modifications, and I used an entirely different color scheme, but that’s the joy of crochet! I added an accent color on the edging to give it a fashion flair.

Here are a few photos of me wearing my finished piece. I added a gemstone brooch as a front enclosure to tie the piece together. I LOVE IT!

Granny Square Cardigan

Granny Square Cardigan

Here is a step by step video tutorial…

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Toast Crumbs

I want it to be a metaphor for something, but it isn’t. I just spilled toast crumbs on myself and am trying to decide what to do with the later afternoon. I was invited to a beach. I should go, I really want to go. Another part of me says there is work to be done and it needs to be done on time and on target so I should stay and do that. I’m not a workaholic, I’d rather play any day and if work involves or feels like play so much the better. I think that is why I love working in film. Being creative always feels like play, even when it is hard and exhausting work. Being able to use your imagination every day is awesome, as well as the practical part obviously. Someone has to do the practical things to make the fun happen. Such is life.

This month has been so busy, trying to get TAA done, forgetting what day of the week it is, staffing the school, teaching on the school, arranging being the driver to church, driving in a strange land (aka I don’t “know” the area like I do back home). Actually I love driving. I forgot how much I loved driving. The whole knowing but not overly familiar with how to get places is quite fun really. It’s an adventure when I get to drive. We always get where we need to and in one piece.

It’s warming up here. I’m actually in shorts more days than not this last week or so. It’s not even Australian hot yet.

I’m trying to think of things to say, but it’s just so crazy I’ve forgotten a lot of what has happened in the last few weeks. Charis got her visa, yay! There was movie trivia butt kicking happening. Pretty much, yeah I don’t remember. When Todd Ewen died last week (which was devastating, I admit it; he was always a good guy but I am trying to remember the guy I knew not how he died) I googled more about brain trauma and injuries and what CTE is and some of the concussion symptoms/long term issues. Scary stuff. I don’t even know how many concussions I’ve had (I have a thick skull and solid bones, it takes a lot to injure me and for me to notice it) or the general rattling around of my brain that hasn’t given me a concussion. All I know is the last one was the end of carelessness with my head. I act like a big sissy about it now because I do not want to make things worse than they already are. Especially when I do bump my head and have a set back, which fortunately hasn’t happened in nearly 2 months, it’s scary and because people can’t see the insides of your head they don’t notice that you are having more trouble and expect you to be fine, even when you aren’t. I need to research this more. If there is any correlation between head injuries and metal health I want to know all I can because maybe it will answer some of my questions. If it isn’t from head injuries then what can we do to prevent and help those who have the head injuries and CTE. I could go on about this all day really.

So yeah, that has been my thoughts over the last week. I am making progress on TAA, which has been hard not because I can’t do it but because of focusing issues etc. It really hurts the head in more ways than just learning and brain expanding. It will be done and it will be successful.


So the first week of lectures started last week, we are currently at the mid point of week 2, and I got to teach how to pitch your film last Tuesday. That was interesting as I had not taught it yet and it happened to be early in the school. Fortunately it is a basic topic and a week later they pitched their concepts for their short films. It was so cool to watch them step up and do it after.

In all honesty I have not been feeling well the last few weeks.

Ok, it’s another week later from when I typed that last bit. It got really busy with shooting assignments, script writing and in turn us advising, grading, meetings, homework of my own. It’s a good kind of crazy. I’m finally getting used to the schedule. I really like all of our students, which is good ha ha. Seriously though they are all so gifted in so many different ways and so creative I can’t wait to see what they are going to do next. Some of our work days are 12 or more hours, others it is closer to 8, even 10. The thing about being a missionary is it is 24/7 and film life is about the same.I love it. I really do.

I am officially a driver for the school now. I can’t drive anything that is more than 10 people in a van as I need a bus license for that and I am not getting that until at least 2017, if I end up staying here. All that is not even on my radar right now as there is too much to do an think about now. Like passing BLS and TAA.

I did have a rough couple of weeks with my mental health, I admit that with no problem doing so. It was hard, but God got me through again so yay! Doing better, being chased by cats occasionally, a few spiders have tried to be my friend as well. The lizards don’t want to be my friend yet though.

Last weekend we went to a beach. Finally. It was so good to get into the salt water again. It just is my favourite place to be still. It rained, and that was still ok. I got to have a good talk with one of the acting students as we don’t really get to do a lot together and there are so many of them (which is a good thing) so it was good to get to know her.



Last night was a birthday bash for two of the students that have their birthdays on the same day. Everyone dressed up as a character from a film (or tv show) and stayed in character (or attempted to) all night. The game Never Have I Ever in character was hilarious. The students arranged the party themselves. It was a nice way to end the week.

So now I have to go as I have a lot to do in a short period of time. I don’t really think my prayer requests have changed. So more financial support, wisdom to help the students thrive, able to rest when needed. There may have been more but I have currently forgotten, general prayers work as well. Love you all. Be blessed.

It Has Begun…

The last 2 weeks have been so crazy, crazier than before. It was school prep week while still having auditions this week. The week previous to this one was all about getting all the supplies together, making sure we had the welcome baskets ready, we even finished BLS that week. We did a presentation on a Bible character and I did mine on Ruth. That was terrifying in theory, in practice it went well and any time you can reference Pride and Prejudice you take it. The thing was to look deeper than what was given with the actual words on the page. Why did she do what she did? Was it just what people assume based on the words or was there more that people missed? I went for the missed aspects. I actually wish I could meet her and find out for sure.

At the same time I was arranging the airport runs for picking up our students. I really liked that. It was a lot of running around, getting information, making sure it was correct, tracking down the person in charge of the vans, figuring out who can go can who can’t, rearranging from missed connections, meeting the students. I got a kick out of doing it.

Wednesday we officially started the school with the welcome meal, there are also two DTSs starting at the same time. That night we took them up to Mount Coot-Tha, it’s tradition, and spent some time talking with a few of them. This school is twice the size of mine last year, so it’s a very different dynamic and we are all excited to see what God is going to do and what the students are going to accomplish. Thursday was orientation and finishing the registration details. I met a guy who is doing a DTS that I recognized and it turns out he played football with my nephew. That was pretty funny, it also made me feel old. Thursday night was the first movie night for the students as well. I think it went well in spite of the jet lag. Yesterday was school orientation and the school hang out. That was when we really got to see how they interact and personalities. Impromptu dancing and food then the getting to know each other time. Basically your name, where you are from, favourite film, and why you are doing the school. I really like our students. Everyone is unique and awesome. It’s really exciting, and weird, to be on the other side of things. It won’t take long to adjust I don’t think though.

So today is currently call home and type this day so far. I am teaching my first session on Tuesday (about how to pitch a film concept) so that is going to be fun. I remember when I did my pitch last year. How much difference a year makes in life and in general. I can see already how things are different for me and what the staff did for us and how it was a great example.

I have more things to do today, so I had better get to those. If every one could pray for one of our students that her visa gets approved now essentially. For Jason, our school leader, that is visa process goes in his favour and that he can stay here doing the work he is meant to do here. For continued health and strength to keep going with all that needs to be done, for everyone in the office and on the school.

Thanks everyone. Love you all.

Also this needs to be here because I need to see it repeatedly for giggles:

All the Small Things

I admit last week was a bit rough. I got hit in the head 3 times through no fault of my own, all accidents (an elbow, the shower head, and then a piece of wood flooring). It’s a lot frustrating, but it just goes to show you can’t prevent everything no matter how careful you are. Unanticipated things happen and it’s not letting those things get to you that is key.

Today we found out one of our Go Centre leaders is going to a YWAM school in Norway. As she too is completely volunteer she needs around $6000 to be able to go for the school fee and flights. So today we took up a donation for her and it exceeded the estimated amount needed. We all here are in the same boat, we all trust God to provide and when someone’s need arises we do what we can, even if it is just $2. It’s always amazing to see that work and the love and giving back to her, as she is basically the “mom” around here. When she comes back she will have new wisdom to give to us as well that she learned there. We’re all excited for her.

This is the last week of BLS lectures before the new schools start, including the ones I am staffing. Today I met one of our students that arrived already. He did the SDF before I did and this year he is doing the acting school. It was a busy week last week and I have to keep it secretive, but it was so cool. I saw some faces from when I was here last and it was exciting to see them again. It is a very busy time in the Initiative office in so many ways. It’s pretty exciting to know that the students are going to be here soon.

On Saturday it was a work bee at the newest house. We are trying to finish it up for the married couples to have their own suites. So I helped put in flooring in one room (hence being hit in the head, which I don’t hold against anyone, it’s just I’m over the head injury department). I miss manual labour and building things. I wanted to take scrap wood and make a box out of it. I attempted to help in an other room, but the guys had a system so I went and painted a door bottom and then took the garbage to the vehicle to be disposed of. There was tiling and assembling of cabinets going on as well. It’s not done so we’ll see what next week brings. Also Pink Champagne Magnum (it’s an ice cream bar) are sooooo good.

We had a lecture on Apostolic Leadership last week. One thing that stood out was gauging things on whether you can see Jesus in it or not. That really stood out to me. If you go in a church is it about the people or the programs? If you are leading people, is it about them or are you on a power trip? That sort of thing. Always be aware of why you are doing what you are doing basically.

The other thing was Strength Finders. We did a test and went over the criteria and got our top 10. My top 5 was Adaptability, then Belief and Empathy, then Strategy and Developer. Really interesting. Anything analytical was pretty much near the bottom. Yep, it makes sense of some things. I’m trying to figure out how those are going to be able to be used as a director (with an amazing PA and 1st AD to fill the gaps I have, ha ha).

Anyways, it is homework time once again. So prayer requests:

Jason, our school leader on SDF, is trying to get a permanent resident visa and they changed the criteria he needs to meet. He needs to have the necessary information etc soon as the process has been going quick. Please pray he gets it or he will have to leave the country, but we all know his place is here. This is where he is meant to be.

Olive back home and her cancer.

Our students that are coming. That they all get here safely and settle in ok.

That we the staff can mentor them for this time and we have wisdom etc.

Thanks everyone. Love you.

Step By Step

Well, another week of teaching has come and gone. This week was the first week of actual BLS lectures. We learned about the importance of one on ones (Sorry, Brenden. Thank you, Brenden. You are the man. Sorry I’m a bit cuckoo. Sorry for saying sorry. Did I mention you are awesome?) and what we need to do to make sure we do those well. We also learned about the purpose of small groups, which is going to be interesting. I lead one tomorrow and I’m a bit terrified, but I think that is all in my head (I take that back, I KNOW it is all in my head.) We also learned about the importance of time management and how we need to remember to take care of ourselves. I spent 3 hours the night before that typing out a calendar for the next 3 weeks to make sure I get everything done that I need to get done as well as be where I need to be when I need to be there. I even scheduled introvert time. I just wish I would actually follow the schedule out of class and office time.

We had another lecture about the importance of intercession and worship. It was a great talk and I really wish I hadn’t been having concussion symptoms that day. When I’m having those symptoms I have a cranky looking resting face as I have to concentrate more and I also crocheted a basic square with scrap yarn to be able to focus on what she was saying. I felt bad as it was the only way I could take notes and stay focused but it looked like I didn’t care and wasn’t paying attention. The symptoms are much better the last 2 days so it should be fine tomorrow.

We had community worship again on Wednesday. It was really good, as usual. Breakthroughs were happening and people were just freeing themselves from their usual constraints. I find corporate worship hard. I’m an extreme introvert. I don’t tend to wave my hands or dance around lots (ok, at all). We were learning about the difference between corporate and personal worship and I’m trying to find where the balance is for someone like me, who is always in her head, based on the teaching we had on Friday. It’s going to need some figuring out and adjusting but this introvert is not going to act like an extrovert just because it seems to be the way to do things. There is more than one option and it’s not limited. It’s just finding out what works for me. I also wrote 3 pages of what I felt God was saying that night to me. It was awesome.

Yesterday it was pretty much take it easy day. I went to Spotlight with one of the girls (Maddie) for supplies for our teaching skills part of an assignment. Also anytime you can walk 6 km while showing someone where the awesome shop is to pet yarn you take it. It was good though as we got to talk and get to know each other more.

Today has been uneventful as well. I’m finding the anxiety is a little high right now so I have been skipping church as partly I forget what day it is and forget to ask for a ride. The ok side of that is God can meet you right where you are and it doesn’t have to be in a church, although to be in a church surrounded by other believers is a good idea.

The DTS outreach teams are returning so it is once again getting busy on base. Unfamiliar faces of students and familiar faces of the staff that are back. Starting tomorrow we get to hear some of the stories so that will be good. Why tomorrow? They are all jet lagged and tired today lol.

I nearly forgot: I got my Queensland Driver’s License!! Woo hoo! Thank you God! We now have 3 drivers for the school, once I practice and get the necessary papers filled out with the centre.

So I should go get some more homework done as there’s a lot of it. On the job TAA and now BLS stuff. It’s all good though. Before I go I’ll let you know some prayer requests.

My concussion issues go away. My anxiety goes down and the depression comes up (like I said it’s not too bad, just a bit noticeable). That the students coming in 2 weeks (eek!!) all get what they need to get done done and arrive safely. That the current DTSs end well. That I can get focused and on schedule and stay on budget. That God keeps doing his thing here with all of my BLS co-students and we all learn what we need to learn.

Thank you everyone. Love you. (Also the website currently won’t let me upload pictures and I’m still working on a newsletter and video. Sorry!)


So much has been going on the last two weeks, and I don’t just mean the 8 earthquakes that happened in the last 3 days. We started TAA (Training and Assessment) 2 weeks ago and it was intense. Basically we were taught about competency training, which is how the YWAM schools run, and how to assess that as well as teach for it. It was quite interesting, but really hard. We had short time frames to get projects done in. Some of them it was hard coming up with ideas (ok, all the ones involving training or presenting) and then there was the actual presentations. I can do them, that isn’t the problem (although to start with it felt like I can’t). the problem was the panic attacks. They weren’t too bad but I nearly lost it. That pretty much was the entirety of the last two weeks that I didn’t blog for. There was just too much homework.

The BLS training itself starts tomorrow (aka Monday for us here in Aus). That will be different and I am curious as to how that is going to go and look. SDF starts in 24 days. Crazy! We have 21 students still for SDF and SAS. It`s going to be so much fun to watch the dynamics.

After TAA on Friday the guys from the Sunshine Coast base (I keep thinking of the one in Canada as well) and us Brisbane crew watched Dead Poet`s Society to celebrate being done that part of TAA and the guys left early the next morning. Yesterday a group went up to the beach at the Sunny Coast by the YWAM centre there. Alas, I still was unable to go as there wasn`t enough room and I had bread run anyways. I will get to a beach. It will happen, lol. Bread run is at the end of the day the bakeries give away their leftovers to charities so they don`t have to throw it out as it costs them to dump it, we can still eat it (nothing wrong with day old bread), and we don`t have to pay to dump the leftovers. Bakery bread, so good. Friday we got free naan bread from the Indian food place close to the bakery. That was amazing. So good and such a nice guy. Anyone in the area want Indian food I know where to send you.

Yesterday I pretty much just relaxed and read a book all day. Except first thing in the morning I went to get a cell phone as I need one for during the school. I got the cheapest one ($29 on the price tag) as I just need a simple phone and skipped the smart phone. When she rang it in it came up half price, $14.50. I got a brand new phone for less than $15. Thank you God!

Today I went out an walked for nearly 8 1/2 km. I miss my big walks. It doesn’t feel like winter at this moment that is for sure. It was already warm when I went out and by the time I got back I wished I had shorts on. I was gone for a good 3 hours. Not all of it was walking. I just needed some people free time in the outdoors, just being. There was the cutest 9 week old German shepherd puppy, and a great dane at some point. Also a few wild turkeys. Yesterday I was lying on a bench and I looked up at the sky and thought “That`s Australian sky. You are in Australia.” It kind of sunk in for a minute. The moon rises and we see it and the sunrises from our bedroom window all the time. One night I just sat in the dark with only the moon for light as I did homework. It was fantastic. The neighbour cats are finally coming around to me, ha ha. I had two of them come for petting yesterday and one came back for more today so this looks good for feline cuddles. I just need to make sure the owners don’t mind. :D

I nearly forgot. When my group led intercession during TAA we decided to role play and pray against human trafficking. I got to take people out to become sex workers via trafficking. Maddie kept her group in the classroom and tied them all up to symbolize labour trafficking. Tim tied a t-shirt around his head like it was a balaclava and came into the room with a water gun screaming for nobody to move or he’ll shoot. He picked 4 people to go with him and they became child soldiers. It was super effective I think. We really prayed against it and prayed for those trapped in it and those who are helping get people out. We had a lot of good intercession times during TAA.

So that is currently it for now. I have my last bread run of the week shortly. Oh wait, prayer requests. That the deadlines I need to meet for grant applications are reached on time and on target with everything I need ready to go. This is work related, not personal ones. Currently that is all I can think of. More later. Love you all.

A Wizard is Never Late…

Once again things got crazy busy this week and weekend and so I am late once again for the blog. That is fine, as it is now here.

Last week was a bit crazy. Ha ha, so crazy that I forgot what week I was going to talk about and started to talk about the week before. Confession time, I did bump my head again. Mostly it has been ok, obviously not completely as my short term memory is not that great again. I have moments where it isn’t a problem and then others where my mind is a complete blank. It just is nothing in there, at least it feels like it. This time I managed to take some pain reliever before I got sick. It’s really frustrating that it can take so long to heal properly and maybe have permanent damage. Oh, well it is what it is but if anyone wants to pray for a miracle that would be awesome.

On Monday mornings after cleaning we have worship and then a talk. They are doing a series on strength and what it looks like, how to be strong. First week it was about foundations. We went through how foundations are built and how that should look for a Christian. Preparing the soil, removing rocks and things that will make it bumpy or uneven, anchoring down. The last stage was pouring the cement. All the long work that has to be done to prepare to build on it and how sometimes that can take years. On Friday during base intercession we talked about how that would look for us as a base/YWAM Brisbane. How we need to cover each other and support each other. How it needs to be equal balance throughout and equal strength or it will fall apart or get cracks.

The office work has been going well, of course I can’t detail a lot of that. The student profiles are coming along. We have 21 students total still, for both schools. Thursday last week started our BLS orientation and getting to know each other. It’s been good. There is only one person I didn’t know from when I was here last and she is a riot. She’s a local Brisbane girl. Getting to know the others better that day was also good.

Most of the spare time has been homework (aka pre-course reading and assignments for TAA, which stands for Training and Assessment). There was also First Aid online work to do. Friday we did our First Aid practical day, so now I am qualified to practice first aid. Woo hoo! I’m just waiting for the certificate. I played with the CPR baby dummy a little too much. If it got a reaction I went with it. Like pretending to burp it. I was a little too excited for the practical bits. We had to do bandaging etc as well. Since we had an odd number and the other two in my group of three were working on each other, I just did the bandages and splints on myself. As long as I could show I could do it the instructor didn’t care if it was on myself or not. He liked that I took that initiative though. He mentioned it a few times.

Saturday was a lot of reading and after I went with my friend/co-worker Brenden to watch Ant-Man.  I really enjoyed the film. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I just watched it waiting for who knows what to happen. Good times. The end credits scene got the most reaction out of me though. I giddy clapped and giggled. Ha ha.

Sunday was interesting because it was my first day of actually knowing I was on the roster for church and I only had one practice day nearly 2 weeks ago. I ended up not doing camera but putting the words on the screen. It reminded me of the old days in church with the overhead projector and doing that, only on a computer with a sophisticated looking program. I did not too badly, a few mistakes were made but that was to be expected. It wasn’t anything major so that was good. The sermon was on being a disciple and he talked about the 3 men that Jesus asked to follow him in Luke 9. The one wanted to follow him but liked his comforts too much, the second said but first let me bury my father and the third said but first let me say good bye and all three were basically told to stay behind because Jesus wasn’t first in their lives and hearts. The pastor equated it to standing up at a his wedding and telling his bride that yes, he wants to spend the rest of his life with his second favourite woman. Or his wife saying he is her second or third favourite man. It was an interesting perspective.

Sunday night we started TAA by watching The Guardian (with Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher), which I have seen before, as it is an example of what we are learning over the next 2 weeks. For those who don’t know Costner’s character is a coast guard rescue swimmer that has to go train up coming rescue swimmer wannabes.

Today we started TAA. Today’s homework isn’t too bad. We have 3 staff from the base on the Sunshine Coast (hee hee, it always makes me think of Gibsons, yet it’s Australia’s Sunshine Coast) to take it with us. There are 10 of us from the Brisbane base taking it as well.

So on to prayer requests:

-That TAA goes well. It is lots of information that we are getting and how to assess people and if they are being trained to competently and to serve their needs.

-That this cold I am getting goes away soon. We had a cold snap and so I got a bit too cold one day and now I’m paying for it. It isn’t too bad but it’s a bit disruptive.

-That God keeps doing His work in us and the community. That we will all be able to train and send out the students to do what He has called them to do.

Ok, dinner time and I really need to eat. Bye for now. Love you all and miss you.

Time is Flying By

This post is a little late, sorry everyone.

Wow, I can’t believe I have been here for over 2 weeks already. Work in the office has been going well. I finally figured out how to work the program that we are using to do the staff and student profiles for both the film school and the acting school. We are up to 21 students, which is over double our schools last year (we had 10 total). It’s crazy, but it’s going to be so awesome. So many new young filmmakers and actors that we get to train and send out to the mission field of the film industry. So anyways, I am making progress on that list/project.

Tuesday night is Lifeplace Creative, which is basically worship practice for Lifeplace Church and the tech team to get trained and practice things before Sunday. They really encourage creativity in that department, so that is cool. We get to serve the church so that also is cool. It was my first time going to a Tuesday night practice. It’s a bit nerve wracking (ok, I admit I was having a nearly full on panic attack) but once I got my hands on the camera and started playing with it I settled down and did ok. I have actually only worked one Sunday, due to a communication problem that has since been resolved, and that was on the only camera they had. Now they have 2 cameras which makes things a bit more interesting. So that is going to be the church I attend on Sundays here in Brisbane.

On Friday we (The Initiative Production Company) had a job to shoot a commercial for a new baby food company. So it was baby central for the better part of 8 hours. They were all under a year, but old enough for solids. So funny to watch the babies just being babies and happy while the guys filmed them. There is some great footage, maybe one day you all will see it. I don`t know where or when though.

That day I was also thinking about God`s promises he had made and how they haven`t happened yet. So I was tired, hungry, and emotionally beat up. I went to the toilet at Lifeplace (not TMI, let me finish) and on the door inside the toilet stalls are verses. The one I got was “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will grant you the desires of your heart.” I was like “Yeah, ok. Good timing.” After we got back and I ate I went to Brookside (the local mall) to get a warm blanket from Big W (yes, I needed a second blanket. It`s cold here, we don`t have a heater, and the thermal blanket was cheap and the best thing I could ever have gotten, I slept like a log that night…anyways) and on the way there it was some sun and some clouds with a bit of rain and there right in front of me was this HUGE rainbow. It was so big and so bright there was no way I could have missed it. So I kind of chuckled because of rainbows being a symbol of God`s promise never to flood the earth again like He did for The Flood (which He kept) and said, ” Ok, I get it. You keep Your promises. Although I expect the shooting star reminders, but since it’s during the day I’ll take this. Thanks.” I got a half smile. Didn’t really pick up the mood though. Then that night one of the girls and I went outside to wait for a ride to do an airport pick up (it was nearly 12:30 am) and I looked up at the sky for a second and there was a shooting star. I laughed and said “Did I really just see that?” So that was an awesome moment. God speaks in various ways, we just have to listen.

So this week was also the arrival of some of my fellow BLS students. One didn’t come, which is kind of sad as she was on my SDF and internship. I understand why she didn’t but it still sucks. Then Friday night (the previously mentioned airport run) was my fellow SDF director, Hanna. After 5 months of being gone it was such a good moment. There were tears and squeals and jumping around. Eventually sleep at 2 am, ha ha. What felt like it was missing from here is no longer missing. That was also a great moment.

So this week coming up we officially start BLS. We have orientation and first aid training on Thursday and Friday. Sunday is my turn to be a tech person at Lifeplace and that night we start TAA (Training and Assessment). That will be our life for the next 2 weeks. There will be lots of work and assignments. It’s a scary thought, but it’s pretty straightforward from what I’ve been told. Long days and long nights of homework. Eek. I’m still excited though. I know I’m where I’m meant to be.

On Mondays we are also doing a series on strength. Today was about laying a proper foundation. It was really interesting.

So prayer requests. I still need monthly support, but I do have some coming in, so thank you all for that. That God helps me through TAA because it is not my strength (paperwork and that sort of thing while sitting around all day and all night, I need to move).

Speaking of TAA, I need to go do the pre-course assignments. Here is a picture for you all though of our resident possum. He was hungry for some bread apparently.