I Had Ponderings

I read this the other day: “Do not hold back on your excitement or your happiness.”
Ok, I will take that. No one gets to tell me to “shh” when I get excited and passionate about something anymore, it has happened more times than I can count in my life. Unless I’m being disrespectful of a meeting or some such thing. That sort of reason is ok, but be respectful in how it’s approached is the key.
You’d be surprised how much even loving Christians can crush the spirit of someone by telling them to not show their exuberance for something in life. A passion that God has given them. When they get excited about it and start talking excitedly, the “ssshhh” comes out as does the hand gestures of settle down.
Why would anyone deliberately crush someone’s spirit and enthusiasm? Why would you indicate to someone that their exuberance and their passion are not a good thing, thereby making them think they aren’t important to you? You might not be as passionate about it, or not really be in the mood for their enthusiasm, but why would you try to stop them from their enthusiasm? It just teaches them that even though God made them that way or gave them that passion and excitement it’s not acceptable to the people they care about.
Imagine doing that to someone repeatedly over the years. No matter where they go or what they do or say little by little their enthusiasm for life etc gets hidden by them around people because they have been told not to be who they are. Their light gets hidden, sometimes it goes out.
I know I may have come across negative here, but that is just it. When you try to keep a person down or make them like you they lose who they are and were meant to be.
We are to build each other up not tear each other down.
We are made unique, not like everyone else.
We are supposed to celebrate what makes us different.
To live with passion and exuberance is to be full.
We are to live with joy so why do we try to diminish how people show that?
The key thing is respect. We as people need to be respectful of how what we do affects others. Whether that is being the exuberant one or the shushing one.
Is it 1 am and you are outside singing loudly? Yes? Then you probably deserve shushing.
Is it 12 pm and you just saw the new Star Wars trailer? Yes? If someone is shushing you then they perhaps need to remember that nothing is wrong with exuberance. The only problem is the time and place. If it isn’t the right time then you need to reign it in and wait, but if there is not reason to be quiet then be excited. Love what you love without apologies. If it isn’t hurting anyone, illegal, immoral, or unhealthy then there is no problem.
Sometimes the waiting is hard for me. I do forget and a noise will just burst out. In those cases I need to remember to avoid the triggers of those kinds of reactions.
Let us remember, to have consideration for others. To build each other up and not tear each other down. To remember that all actions have consequences, even if you don’t realize it can and will have a consequence.

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