The Week of Insanity aka First Shooting Week.

There really isn’t much to write about this week. I have spent a lot of time in the van driving students around Brisbane, being stared at by a Kookaburra for a few minutes, pet a few cats, plus did some other work. Mostly it’s been driving. I love it. I forgot how much driving feels like an adventure, although if you aren’t used to traffic here it can be considered an adventure, ha ha. It has a bit of that freedom feeling that this introvert sometimes needs, even though I just drove to places I had already been, ha ha. One morning I sat in a park by the river in the city while they filmed instead of driving back to base. It was nice to sit outside and watch the rowers in the river.

It’s been really awesome to see over the course of driving how they are pulling together as a team and how far they’ve come from when they began shooting week. Gaining experience, learning from mistakes, and gaining confidence. It’s so good. They are really getting better at communicating to each other and growing closer together.

I finally finished exporting “Broken Together” properly. Woo hoo! Now to give copies to the cast and send it to a film festival. I still have to edit “Kids These Days” so when I get a few minutes I will probably attempt to work on that. Some of my TAA work is completely finished and others are getting there. It’s a hard thing to do around the other stuff, but since I hadn’t hit my head in 3 months (which actually helped my head be able to do TAA even if it was late, I was worried for a while) it’s been easier in the last month to think properly and focus on the TAA and know what I’m doing. Unfortunately I broke my 3 month streak and hit my head yesterday getting into the van, but it isn’t too bad. Since I had that 3 months in between the last bumping of the head it had time to heal better. I’ve accepted that I will always have problems with it, but right now it’s ok. It’s a bit sore,but it’s ok.

Spring has been nice so far. Warm days, not too warm nights yet.The jacaranda trees are blooming. The magpies are not attacking as many heads that I’ve seen recently. Last Saturday night a friend took me to the theatre in the park. It’s an outdoor theatre and you sit on blankets to watch a film on a big screen. It was The Man From U.N.C.L.E. which was actually quite fun to watch.It was a much needed break.

Tomorrow is the last day of filming the first films. Getting back on the regular schedule is going to be interesting.

Ok, I think I need a nap.


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