It Has Begun…

The last 2 weeks have been so crazy, crazier than before. It was school prep week while still having auditions this week. The week previous to this one was all about getting all the supplies together, making sure we had the welcome baskets ready, we even finished BLS that week. We did a presentation on a Bible character and I did mine on Ruth. That was terrifying in theory, in practice it went well and any time you can reference Pride and Prejudice you take it. The thing was to look deeper than what was given with the actual words on the page. Why did she do what she did? Was it just what people assume based on the words or was there more that people missed? I went for the missed aspects. I actually wish I could meet her and find out for sure.

At the same time I was arranging the airport runs for picking up our students. I really liked that. It was a lot of running around, getting information, making sure it was correct, tracking down the person in charge of the vans, figuring out who can go can who can’t, rearranging from missed connections, meeting the students. I got a kick out of doing it.

Wednesday we officially started the school with the welcome meal, there are also two DTSs starting at the same time. That night we took them up to Mount Coot-Tha, it’s tradition, and spent some time talking with a few of them. This school is twice the size of mine last year, so it’s a very different dynamic and we are all excited to see what God is going to do and what the students are going to accomplish. Thursday was orientation and finishing the registration details. I met a guy who is doing a DTS that I recognized and it turns out he played football with my nephew. That was pretty funny, it also made me feel old. Thursday night was the first movie night for the students as well. I think it went well in spite of the jet lag. Yesterday was school orientation and the school hang out. That was when we really got to see how they interact and personalities. Impromptu dancing and food then the getting to know each other time. Basically your name, where you are from, favourite film, and why you are doing the school. I really like our students. Everyone is unique and awesome. It’s really exciting, and weird, to be on the other side of things. It won’t take long to adjust I don’t think though.

So today is currently call home and type this day so far. I am teaching my first session on Tuesday (about how to pitch a film concept) so that is going to be fun. I remember when I did my pitch last year. How much difference a year makes in life and in general. I can see already how things are different for me and what the staff did for us and how it was a great example.

I have more things to do today, so I had better get to those. If every one could pray for one of our students that her visa gets approved now essentially. For Jason, our school leader, that is visa process goes in his favour and that he can stay here doing the work he is meant to do here. For continued health and strength to keep going with all that needs to be done, for everyone in the office and on the school.

Thanks everyone. Love you all.

Also this needs to be here because I need to see it repeatedly for giggles:


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