All the Small Things

I admit last week was a bit rough. I got hit in the head 3 times through no fault of my own, all accidents (an elbow, the shower head, and then a piece of wood flooring). It’s a lot frustrating, but it just goes to show you can’t prevent everything no matter how careful you are. Unanticipated things happen and it’s not letting those things get to you that is key.

Today we found out one of our Go Centre leaders is going to a YWAM school in Norway. As she too is completely volunteer she needs around $6000 to be able to go for the school fee and flights. So today we took up a donation for her and it exceeded the estimated amount needed. We all here are in the same boat, we all trust God to provide and when someone’s need arises we do what we can, even if it is just $2. It’s always amazing to see that work and the love and giving back to her, as she is basically the “mom” around here. When she comes back she will have new wisdom to give to us as well that she learned there. We’re all excited for her.

This is the last week of BLS lectures before the new schools start, including the ones I am staffing. Today I met one of our students that arrived already. He did the SDF before I did and this year he is doing the acting school. It was a busy week last week and I have to keep it secretive, but it was so cool. I saw some faces from when I was here last and it was exciting to see them again. It is a very busy time in the Initiative office in so many ways. It’s pretty exciting to know that the students are going to be here soon.

On Saturday it was a work bee at the newest house. We are trying to finish it up for the married couples to have their own suites. So I helped put in flooring in one room (hence being hit in the head, which I don’t hold against anyone, it’s just I’m over the head injury department). I miss manual labour and building things. I wanted to take scrap wood and make a box out of it. I attempted to help in an other room, but the guys had a system so I went and painted a door bottom and then took the garbage to the vehicle to be disposed of. There was tiling and assembling of cabinets going on as well. It’s not done so we’ll see what next week brings. Also Pink Champagne Magnum (it’s an ice cream bar) are sooooo good.

We had a lecture on Apostolic Leadership last week. One thing that stood out was gauging things on whether you can see Jesus in it or not. That really stood out to me. If you go in a church is it about the people or the programs? If you are leading people, is it about them or are you on a power trip? That sort of thing. Always be aware of why you are doing what you are doing basically.

The other thing was Strength Finders. We did a test and went over the criteria and got our top 10. My top 5 was Adaptability, then Belief and Empathy, then Strategy and Developer. Really interesting. Anything analytical was pretty much near the bottom. Yep, it makes sense of some things. I’m trying to figure out how those are going to be able to be used as a director (with an amazing PA and 1st AD to fill the gaps I have, ha ha).

Anyways, it is homework time once again. So prayer requests:

Jason, our school leader on SDF, is trying to get a permanent resident visa and they changed the criteria he needs to meet. He needs to have the necessary information etc soon as the process has been going quick. Please pray he gets it or he will have to leave the country, but we all know his place is here. This is where he is meant to be.

Olive back home and her cancer.

Our students that are coming. That they all get here safely and settle in ok.

That we the staff can mentor them for this time and we have wisdom etc.

Thanks everyone. Love you.


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