So much has been going on the last two weeks, and I don’t just mean the 8 earthquakes that happened in the last 3 days. We started TAA (Training and Assessment) 2 weeks ago and it was intense. Basically we were taught about competency training, which is how the YWAM schools run, and how to assess that as well as teach for it. It was quite interesting, but really hard. We had short time frames to get projects done in. Some of them it was hard coming up with ideas (ok, all the ones involving training or presenting) and then there was the actual presentations. I can do them, that isn’t the problem (although to start with it felt like I can’t). the problem was the panic attacks. They weren’t too bad but I nearly lost it. That pretty much was the entirety of the last two weeks that I didn’t blog for. There was just too much homework.

The BLS training itself starts tomorrow (aka Monday for us here in Aus). That will be different and I am curious as to how that is going to go and look. SDF starts in 24 days. Crazy! We have 21 students still for SDF and SAS. It`s going to be so much fun to watch the dynamics.

After TAA on Friday the guys from the Sunshine Coast base (I keep thinking of the one in Canada as well) and us Brisbane crew watched Dead Poet`s Society to celebrate being done that part of TAA and the guys left early the next morning. Yesterday a group went up to the beach at the Sunny Coast by the YWAM centre there. Alas, I still was unable to go as there wasn`t enough room and I had bread run anyways. I will get to a beach. It will happen, lol. Bread run is at the end of the day the bakeries give away their leftovers to charities so they don`t have to throw it out as it costs them to dump it, we can still eat it (nothing wrong with day old bread), and we don`t have to pay to dump the leftovers. Bakery bread, so good. Friday we got free naan bread from the Indian food place close to the bakery. That was amazing. So good and such a nice guy. Anyone in the area want Indian food I know where to send you.

Yesterday I pretty much just relaxed and read a book all day. Except first thing in the morning I went to get a cell phone as I need one for during the school. I got the cheapest one ($29 on the price tag) as I just need a simple phone and skipped the smart phone. When she rang it in it came up half price, $14.50. I got a brand new phone for less than $15. Thank you God!

Today I went out an walked for nearly 8 1/2 km. I miss my big walks. It doesn’t feel like winter at this moment that is for sure. It was already warm when I went out and by the time I got back I wished I had shorts on. I was gone for a good 3 hours. Not all of it was walking. I just needed some people free time in the outdoors, just being. There was the cutest 9 week old German shepherd puppy, and a great dane at some point. Also a few wild turkeys. Yesterday I was lying on a bench and I looked up at the sky and thought “That`s Australian sky. You are in Australia.” It kind of sunk in for a minute. The moon rises and we see it and the sunrises from our bedroom window all the time. One night I just sat in the dark with only the moon for light as I did homework. It was fantastic. The neighbour cats are finally coming around to me, ha ha. I had two of them come for petting yesterday and one came back for more today so this looks good for feline cuddles. I just need to make sure the owners don’t mind. 😀

I nearly forgot. When my group led intercession during TAA we decided to role play and pray against human trafficking. I got to take people out to become sex workers via trafficking. Maddie kept her group in the classroom and tied them all up to symbolize labour trafficking. Tim tied a t-shirt around his head like it was a balaclava and came into the room with a water gun screaming for nobody to move or he’ll shoot. He picked 4 people to go with him and they became child soldiers. It was super effective I think. We really prayed against it and prayed for those trapped in it and those who are helping get people out. We had a lot of good intercession times during TAA.

So that is currently it for now. I have my last bread run of the week shortly. Oh wait, prayer requests. That the deadlines I need to meet for grant applications are reached on time and on target with everything I need ready to go. This is work related, not personal ones. Currently that is all I can think of. More later. Love you all.


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