A Wizard is Never Late…

Once again things got crazy busy this week and weekend and so I am late once again for the blog. That is fine, as it is now here.

Last week was a bit crazy. Ha ha, so crazy that I forgot what week I was going to talk about and started to talk about the week before. Confession time, I did bump my head again. Mostly it has been ok, obviously not completely as my short term memory is not that great again. I have moments where it isn’t a problem and then others where my mind is a complete blank. It just is nothing in there, at least it feels like it. This time I managed to take some pain reliever before I got sick. It’s really frustrating that it can take so long to heal properly and maybe have permanent damage. Oh, well it is what it is but if anyone wants to pray for a miracle that would be awesome.

On Monday mornings after cleaning we have worship and then a talk. They are doing a series on strength and what it looks like, how to be strong. First week it was about foundations. We went through how foundations are built and how that should look for a Christian. Preparing the soil, removing rocks and things that will make it bumpy or uneven, anchoring down. The last stage was pouring the cement. All the long work that has to be done to prepare to build on it and how sometimes that can take years. On Friday during base intercession we talked about how that would look for us as a base/YWAM Brisbane. How we need to cover each other and support each other. How it needs to be equal balance throughout and equal strength or it will fall apart or get cracks.

The office work has been going well, of course I can’t detail a lot of that. The student profiles are coming along. We have 21 students total still, for both schools. Thursday last week started our BLS orientation and getting to know each other. It’s been good. There is only one person I didn’t know from when I was here last and she is a riot. She’s a local Brisbane girl. Getting to know the others better that day was also good.

Most of the spare time has been homework (aka pre-course reading and assignments for TAA, which stands for Training and Assessment). There was also First Aid online work to do. Friday we did our First Aid practical day, so now I am qualified to practice first aid. Woo hoo! I’m just waiting for the certificate. I played with the CPR baby dummy a little too much. If it got a reaction I went with it. Like pretending to burp it. I was a little too excited for the practical bits. We had to do bandaging etc as well. Since we had an odd number and the other two in my group of three were working on each other, I just did the bandages and splints on myself. As long as I could show I could do it the instructor didn’t care if it was on myself or not. He liked that I took that initiative though. He mentioned it a few times.

Saturday was a lot of reading and after I went with my friend/co-worker Brenden to watch Ant-Man.  I really enjoyed the film. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I just watched it waiting for who knows what to happen. Good times. The end credits scene got the most reaction out of me though. I giddy clapped and giggled. Ha ha.

Sunday was interesting because it was my first day of actually knowing I was on the roster for church and I only had one practice day nearly 2 weeks ago. I ended up not doing camera but putting the words on the screen. It reminded me of the old days in church with the overhead projector and doing that, only on a computer with a sophisticated looking program. I did not too badly, a few mistakes were made but that was to be expected. It wasn’t anything major so that was good. The sermon was on being a disciple and he talked about the 3 men that Jesus asked to follow him in Luke 9. The one wanted to follow him but liked his comforts too much, the second said but first let me bury my father and the third said but first let me say good bye and all three were basically told to stay behind because Jesus wasn’t first in their lives and hearts. The pastor equated it to standing up at a his wedding and telling his bride that yes, he wants to spend the rest of his life with his second favourite woman. Or his wife saying he is her second or third favourite man. It was an interesting perspective.

Sunday night we started TAA by watching The Guardian (with Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher), which I have seen before, as it is an example of what we are learning over the next 2 weeks. For those who don’t know Costner’s character is a coast guard rescue swimmer that has to go train up coming rescue swimmer wannabes.

Today we started TAA. Today’s homework isn’t too bad. We have 3 staff from the base on the Sunshine Coast (hee hee, it always makes me think of Gibsons, yet it’s Australia’s Sunshine Coast) to take it with us. There are 10 of us from the Brisbane base taking it as well.

So on to prayer requests:

-That TAA goes well. It is lots of information that we are getting and how to assess people and if they are being trained to competently and to serve their needs.

-That this cold I am getting goes away soon. We had a cold snap and so I got a bit too cold one day and now I’m paying for it. It isn’t too bad but it’s a bit disruptive.

-That God keeps doing His work in us and the community. That we will all be able to train and send out the students to do what He has called them to do.

Ok, dinner time and I really need to eat. Bye for now. Love you all and miss you.


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