Time is Flying By

This post is a little late, sorry everyone.

Wow, I can’t believe I have been here for over 2 weeks already. Work in the office has been going well. I finally figured out how to work the program that we are using to do the staff and student profiles for both the film school and the acting school. We are up to 21 students, which is over double our schools last year (we had 10 total). It’s crazy, but it’s going to be so awesome. So many new young filmmakers and actors that we get to train and send out to the mission field of the film industry. So anyways, I am making progress on that list/project.

Tuesday night is Lifeplace Creative, which is basically worship practice for Lifeplace Church and the tech team to get trained and practice things before Sunday. They really encourage creativity in that department, so that is cool. We get to serve the church so that also is cool. It was my first time going to a Tuesday night practice. It’s a bit nerve wracking (ok, I admit I was having a nearly full on panic attack) but once I got my hands on the camera and started playing with it I settled down and did ok. I have actually only worked one Sunday, due to a communication problem that has since been resolved, and that was on the only camera they had. Now they have 2 cameras which makes things a bit more interesting. So that is going to be the church I attend on Sundays here in Brisbane.

On Friday we (The Initiative Production Company) had a job to shoot a commercial for a new baby food company. So it was baby central for the better part of 8 hours. They were all under a year, but old enough for solids. So funny to watch the babies just being babies and happy while the guys filmed them. There is some great footage, maybe one day you all will see it. I don`t know where or when though.

That day I was also thinking about God`s promises he had made and how they haven`t happened yet. So I was tired, hungry, and emotionally beat up. I went to the toilet at Lifeplace (not TMI, let me finish) and on the door inside the toilet stalls are verses. The one I got was “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will grant you the desires of your heart.” I was like “Yeah, ok. Good timing.” After we got back and I ate I went to Brookside (the local mall) to get a warm blanket from Big W (yes, I needed a second blanket. It`s cold here, we don`t have a heater, and the thermal blanket was cheap and the best thing I could ever have gotten, I slept like a log that night…anyways) and on the way there it was some sun and some clouds with a bit of rain and there right in front of me was this HUGE rainbow. It was so big and so bright there was no way I could have missed it. So I kind of chuckled because of rainbows being a symbol of God`s promise never to flood the earth again like He did for The Flood (which He kept) and said, ” Ok, I get it. You keep Your promises. Although I expect the shooting star reminders, but since it’s during the day I’ll take this. Thanks.” I got a half smile. Didn’t really pick up the mood though. Then that night one of the girls and I went outside to wait for a ride to do an airport pick up (it was nearly 12:30 am) and I looked up at the sky for a second and there was a shooting star. I laughed and said “Did I really just see that?” So that was an awesome moment. God speaks in various ways, we just have to listen.

So this week was also the arrival of some of my fellow BLS students. One didn’t come, which is kind of sad as she was on my SDF and internship. I understand why she didn’t but it still sucks. Then Friday night (the previously mentioned airport run) was my fellow SDF director, Hanna. After 5 months of being gone it was such a good moment. There were tears and squeals and jumping around. Eventually sleep at 2 am, ha ha. What felt like it was missing from here is no longer missing. That was also a great moment.

So this week coming up we officially start BLS. We have orientation and first aid training on Thursday and Friday. Sunday is my turn to be a tech person at Lifeplace and that night we start TAA (Training and Assessment). That will be our life for the next 2 weeks. There will be lots of work and assignments. It’s a scary thought, but it’s pretty straightforward from what I’ve been told. Long days and long nights of homework. Eek. I’m still excited though. I know I’m where I’m meant to be.

On Mondays we are also doing a series on strength. Today was about laying a proper foundation. It was really interesting.

So prayer requests. I still need monthly support, but I do have some coming in, so thank you all for that. That God helps me through TAA because it is not my strength (paperwork and that sort of thing while sitting around all day and all night, I need to move).

Speaking of TAA, I need to go do the pre-course assignments. Here is a picture for you all though of our resident possum. He was hungry for some bread apparently.



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