The First Week.

Well, I’ve been back in Brisbane for a week now. Other than the fact that it is cold outside it is good to be back. No really, it’s cold, ha ha. My definition of cold that is. Most regular Canadians would be like “10 degrees at night? That’s not bad. What is your problem?” Keep in mind there is no central heating. I get cold below 20 anyways so ha ha. Also the music playing in the cafe here is mellow acoustic covers of songs that I didn’t think would work like that. For instance, Men Without Hats “Safety Dance”. It actually sounds good. Random outbursts of thought still.

So Monday was my first day in the office, because I didn’t want to be outside of the office wandering around. I wanted to be productive. It sort of failed, sort of succeeded. I got my desk set up that day, mostly, and helped rearrange the office a bit. I still am finding things to make it my own space. Hannah visited and I got distracted since I wasn’t officially doing anything yet. Tuesday I met with Jason and Charis and we went over a bit of how things work. The internship was a good bridge between being a student and working in the office. It’s been busy in there since I was last here. That’s a good thing. So I have been given some work tasks to do, and I’ve been doing a lot of reading and research over the last few days.

Wednesday night we had community worship. I admit to having some anxiety before hand, but that is partly jet lag. I stayed and it passed as it always does. It was a good time. There was a lot of awesome prayer and people getting touched by God.

I do admit to spending a lot of evenings in my room. Trying to sleep, overcome the jet lag, having introvert recovery time. It happens, but I have been enjoying seeing everyone again and getting to know others more than I did when I was last here.

In 2 weeks we will have started the Basic Leadership School. Eek! I’ve been told it’s a big group. 4 of us are for the SDF focus. I think there is at least 5 more who are going to be staffing DTSs. yeah, crazy  but it will be so good to see the others again. I know most of them from when I was on SDF and they did their DTS.

Well, I got more unpacked today, and cleaned up. Tomorrow night it’s shelf cleaning after work so when my roomie gets here there will be places to put things and my stuff hopefully away as best as I can. I keep forgetting to find out when and who to get rides to church from as well. So much going on, but I know it will all get sorted out in time.

Yesterday was an awesome blessing. The hardest bit of change to find for laundry is the 20 cent coins. We hoarded them on SDF. My awesome local friends blessed me with enough of that part of the laundry change to last for at least a month, maybe two.

So prayer requests. Well, for starters one of the ladies back home, who is amazing, has cancer. Her name is Olive and if anyone and everyone could pray for her that would be awesome. I do need to raise more monthly support, so prayers for that and if anyone feels led to donate as well, that would be awesome. Still working on the links etc. Safe travels for my classmates who are starting to arrive this coming week would be awesome. That I finish settling in and get over the jet lag and adjustment period as soon as possible. There has been a bit of anxiety and possibly depression symptoms just from not being able to control them due to the jet lag. Nothing major, as I think I’ve already mentioned, but annoying and slightly disruptive as I’d like to be able to visit with everyone here and hang out more.

Ok, I think that is it for me this week. Love you all and I will catch you later, hopefully with photos to add next time…wait a minute. Yesterday I spooked a kookaburra that was looking for food by the stairs. It went up to a branch and that was the closest I’ve been to one. It just sat on that branch and stared at me. So cool. Ok, now done.


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