New Beginnings

Well, I made it to Brisbane safe and sound. As did my luggage, yay! The flights were pretty much uneventful. When I got to the airport to check in for the first flight my carry on was just on the button for weight and my checked was 1-2 pounds overweight. God was awesome and I didn’t have to pay any overweight fees. That’s what happens when you get the cheapest flight and it doesn’t allow the option of a second bag. That’s ok because I brought what I needed versus what I wanted to bring for the most part. Needs are more important than wants, in my books I needed my LotR movies, but they didn’t come as I know other people have them I can borrow if I am having a want to watch moment. However I needed to bring Amelie and Dear, Frankie and I did. Also Australia finally got Netflix so that will help with that.

Ok, back to proper business. When I left Vancouver I had an aisle seat so I didn’t get to see us leave Canada properly. As we flew out I said to myself, “See you in two years, Vancouver.” It wasn’t until I put the Hobbit movies on back to back, so I could sleep, that I realized what I was really doing. At the end of The Battle of the Five Armies and Bilbo returns home it started to sink in. When the end song started playing (Oh Billy Boyd, you are one of my favourite singers/songwriters) that it hit me. That was when  realized I was leaving everything, my life as it was, to do this crazy thing. Getting on a plane with a one way ticket to halfway around the world to volunteer with YWAM for the next 2 years at least and not go home until it’s done. I mean, I knew it before but now it just really was sinking in.

When I got off the plane I got through customs quickly with no problems. My pick up people weren’t there yet, but that was fine. I wandered to a quieter spot and waited for the crowd to thin out and then I went back. Charis (the acting school leader) was there and it was so good to see her again. We went out to wait for the van and the driver was who I thought it was going to be. Such a happy day really. Once we got me to my room, which is currently just me, I just dropped my luggage and went straight to the office to see everyone. I couldn’t wait. So many hugs and lots of smiles. I missed watching and listening to the interactions of everyone there.

So that is pretty much it. There was a lot of sleep happening last night. I did go pick up some bedding so I have a shark themed kids comforter now, which is awesome. I love sharks, so yay.

Current prayer requests: That I settle in quickly and the jet lag goes quickly. It’s not too bad right now. That I remember what I need to get sorted out and get that done. That God keeps providing for me to be here. He hasn’t let me down yet.

If anyone would like to support me feel free to contact me. I’m working on getting links to where you can donate on here to make things easy. Like I said, this site is still in progress and I may need to recruit someone to show me, since that is how I learn rather than listen or whatnot, for whatever I can’t figure out myself.

It feels like nap time again but I’ll try not to. I miss you all. God bless.


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